Free Landlord reference request letter [2024]

A landlord reference request letter is a formal written document that when you are looking to rent a new apartment or property you send to your previous landlord to ask him to provide information about your rental history and behavior as a tenant.

This letter typically includes details about rent payment history, cleanliness, and any issues that may have arisen during your previous tenancy.

It helps the new landlord make an informed decision about whether to rent their property to you based on their past renting experience.

How do I request a reference letter from my landlord?

Requesting a reference letter from your landlord is a straightforward process.

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Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Contact Your Landlord: Reach out to your previous landlord via email, phone, or in person. If you have a good relationship, any of these methods will work.
  2. Explain Your Request: Politely explain that you are in the process of renting a new property and that the new landlord has asked for references. Mention that you had a positive experience renting from them and that you would appreciate their help.
  3. Provide Necessary Details: Include the following information in your request:
  • Your full name
  • The address of the property you rented
  • The dates you lived there
  • Any specific points you’d like them to highlight (e.g., timely rent payments, cleanliness, good communication)
  1. Give Ample Time: Landlords are often busy, so give them enough time to write the letter. Typically, a week or two should suffice, but adjust this based on their availability.
  2. Offer Contact Information: Provide your new landlord’s contact information so they can send the reference letter directly if needed.
  3. Express Gratitude: Thank your landlord for their time and assistance. Let them know that you appreciate their willingness to help you secure your new rental.
  4. Follow-up: If you haven’t received a response after a reasonable amount of time, consider sending a polite follow-up message as a gentle reminder.
  5. Confirmation: Once you receive the reference letter, confirm with your new landlord that they’ve received it.

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Landlord reference request letter

[Your Name]
[Your Current Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Your Email Address]
[Your Phone Number]

[Landlord’s Name]
[Landlord’s Company (if applicable)]
[Landlord’s Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

I am writing to kindly request your assistance in providing a reference letter for me as a tenant. I recently had the privilege of renting [Property Address] from [Rental Start Date] to [Rental End Date], and I am currently in the process of relocating to a new residence.

I greatly value the positive experience I had during my tenancy at [Property Address], and I believe your insights as my previous landlord would greatly contribute to my new landlord’s understanding of my rental history and conduct as a tenant.

If you could kindly provide information on the following aspects, I would greatly appreciate it:

  • Timeliness and consistency of rent payments
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of the rented unit
  • Communication and responsiveness during our interactions
  • Any notable aspects of our tenant-landlord relationship

My new landlord has requested references, and your input would undoubtedly play a significant role in helping me secure my new rental. If it is convenient for you, I kindly request that you address the reference letter to my new landlord, [New Landlord’s Name], and they can be reached at [New Landlord’s Email Address] or [New Landlord’s Phone Number].

I understand that your time is valuable, and I truly appreciate your willingness to assist me in this matter. Please let me know if there’s any specific information you require from me to facilitate the process. I can be reached at [Your Email Address] or [Your Phone Number].

Thank you once again for your support and for being an exceptional landlord during my time at [Property Address]. I look forward to your positive response.

Warm regards,

[Your Signature (if sending a physical letter)]
[Your Printed Name]

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FAQs about landlord reference request letter

Why do I need a landlord reference request letter?

A landlord reference letter helps potential landlords assess your suitability as a tenant by offering insights into your past renting experience. It demonstrates your responsible behavior and can increase your chances of securing a new rental property.

What information should be included in the letter?

Your landlord reference request letter should include your name, current address, contact details, rental period at the previous property, and a polite request for a reference letter. You can also suggest specific points you’d like the reference to cover, such as timely rent payments and cleanliness.

How do I ask my landlord for a reference letter?

Reach out to your previous landlord via email, phone, or in person. Politely explain your request and the purpose of the reference letter. Provide necessary details like your rental period and mention any specific points you’d like them to highlight.

How much notice should I give my previous landlord when requesting a reference letter?

Give your previous landlord ample time, usually around a week or two, to write the reference letter. This ensures they can allocate time to provide accurate and thoughtful information.

Can I request a reference letter from any previous landlord?

Yes, you can request a reference letter from any landlord you’ve rented from in the past. It’s best to choose landlords with whom you had a positive renting experience.

What should the reference letter include?

A reference letter from your landlord should typically cover your rental period, rent payment history, cleanliness of the property, communication skills, and any other notable positive attributes.

How do I use the reference letter when applying for a new rental property?

Include the reference letter with your rental application. You can attach it as a document or forward it to the prospective landlord’s contact information provided in the application.

Can my previous landlord refuse to provide a reference letter?

While landlords are not obligated to provide reference letters, many are willing to help if you had a positive tenancy. If your relationship was strained, they might choose not to provide a reference.

Can I edit the reference letter my landlord provides?

Once your previous landlord provides the reference letter, you can ask if they are open to edits. However, avoid changing the content significantly, as the letter should reflect their genuine perspective.

Is a landlord reference letter the same as a rental history report?

No, they are not the same. A landlord reference letter is a personalized letter written by your previous landlord, while a rental history report is a document that provides information about your rental history, including any late payments or eviction records.

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