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Top 6 Reasons why law is important [2024]

Why law is important? that question might sound simple but its answer is vital.

Here you will find three major reasons why the law is important in our life.

Those reasons also show why we need law in our society and life at large.

“law” is A set of rules intended to control the external behavior of human beings in both public and private spheres of society.

Law is divided into numerous divisions, such as criminal law, civil law, and others.

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Can you imagine a world without laws

Without law, there would be chaos, survival of the fittest, and man against man. Most of the time, not the best way of life.

The following section explains why the law is important and why is law needed in our society

Why law is important

Law is important because the law establishes and controls public power, facilitates and regulates private and public relations, law solves disputes and maintains peace and order in our society by specifying the do’s and the dont’s in our daily conduct.

We need law in our life from the demands for a well-governed society, the need to have a well-organized public power, the demand for a peaceful society, and the desire to have a well-structured system that governs and regulates individuals in societies.

The following are the major reasons why the law is important in our life:

Law has a role in the structure of public power.

With this function, the law expresses or establishes public power (the state).

Law also structures and controls the exercise of power. It is the law that puts in place the organs of public power and sets the limits on the same.

Law plays the role of recognizing basic human rights and sets the duties of the people in the societies they live.

Therefore, by meeting this important role, law structures the public powers for the benefit and good of both classes in the societies mainly, the ruling class and the ruled.

Law facilitates and regulates private relations.

With the advancement of technology and improvements in modes of production, there have been tremendous changes in social and economic relations among individuals.

A conducive environment that would make the new socio-economic relations operate was a must and that environment was to be laid down by rules and laws that would attract for example fair contractual relations, or property ownership relations.

In these, we get the law of contract and the law of property, etc.

Law solves disputes in society

This is a well-known function of the law. 

In any living and growing society where members of that particular society interact in day-to-day activities, conflicts are inevitable.

Therefore, it is for the law to resolve these emerging conflicts and restore the status quo in society.

Through this role, peace is restored, and makes people focus on production activities and living peacefully.

This is done by the state through the law to set institutions like courts of law and other bodies to resolve disputes.

Laws establish the parameters for proper (and improper) conduct

Battery, assault, theft, murder, rape you name it are human conducts that are prohibited by law.

That means through law a person can tell what is wrong and what is right.

But as time passes and societies change, so do the standards of what is acceptable conduct.

In return, legal systems change to make sense of and set the stage for unwanted behavior.

Additionally, the law provides recommendations for suitable sanctions on illegal conduct.

The law safeguards the most vulnerable in society

Many laws are created particularly to defend particular groups of people.

For example, Discrimination is prohibited by laws like the Civil Rights Act (US).

Provisions of this civil rights act forbade discrimination on the basis of sex, as well as, race in hiring, promoting, and firing.

The Act prohibited discrimination in public accommodations and federally funded programs. It also strengthened the enforcement of voting rights and the desegregation of schools.

These kinds of legislation defend what is referred to as “negative rights,” or freedom from things like discrimination.

Anyone can be discriminated against, but as history demonstrates, some groups are more vulnerable than others.

Laws intended to stop discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, religion, and other factors safeguard these groups and improve their access to the court system.

Law offers career opportunities in society

People have a wide range of professional opportunities in law.

The legal profession is broad and adaptable.

There are countless career options because there are so many diverse legal disciplines.

From contracts to immigration to criminal law, attorneys might choose to focus on any of these areas.

In addition to paralegals, consultants, and researchers, there are positions for law professors as well.

There is an opportunity for all kinds of abilities and knowledge in the legal system since it is so large.

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Now you have learned why laws are important.

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