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Fraternity recommendation letter 2024 (guide + free samples)

This post covers fraternity recommendation letter.

Fraternities are groups that frequently exist at colleges and assist students in making friends and achieving specific objectives.

They plan frequent gatherings and activities to build bonds among the fraternity members.

As a result, if you join one of these organizations, you can make some new friends that share your perspective as well as have fun.

In fact, 85% of Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity. (source)

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It’s not always simple to join a fraternity (especially the best ones); sometimes you need a reference from a current or former member.

It is at that point that fraternity recommendation letters come into play.

The recommendation letter from the fraternity is very important in the fraternity’s admissions procedure since it emphasizes the applicant’s distinctive qualities that demonstrate great candidacy for the fraternity.

To help you write an effective recommendation letter for fraternity here I will guide you through;

  • What is a fraternity recommendation letter
  • why do you need a fraternity recommendation letter?
  • How to write an effective fraternity recommendation letter
  • fraternity recommendation letter template
  • fraternity recommendation letter sample
  • etc.

let’s get started

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What is a fraternity recommendation letter?

A fraternity recommendation letter is a brief statement of facts written by an existing or formal fraternity member to recommend the eligibility of a peer or friend to join the organization.

This letter attempts to persuade the fraternity member that a particular individual is a good fit for the fraternity by outlining the specific traits and accomplishments that qualify him for membership.

Additionally, it may highlight particular instances of traits that show the candidate is aspirational, diligent, kind, academically talented, or interested in their community.

Why is a fraternity recommendation letter necessary?

Because the present fraternity members need to know they can trust you, this document may have a big impact on whether or not you get admitted.

The recommendation letter from the fraternity will give the members an opinion of you, and they will use that opinion to determine whether or not you can join the fraternity.

How to write an effective fraternity recommendation letter

A fraternity recommendation letter is written in business letter format. Begin with your address and contact information, followed by a date and the fraternity address, begin your letter by indicating that you are writing to recommend your colleague (mention his name) and explain why you think he is a good fit for the fraternity. Finish with “Sincerely,” your signature, and your name.

Remember that the goal of your letter of recommendation for a fraternity is to persuade the existing members to accept your colleague.

I suggest that you follow the guidelines listed below in order to write a successful recommendation letter:

  • Provide your name, address, and contact information
  • Include the date of the letter
  • Include the fraternity name and address.
  • Provide the name and title of the recipient
  • Indicate your relationship with the person who you recommend.
  • Indicate how long you have known that person.
  • Describe the applicant’s unique attributes and accomplishments that qualify him for membership.
  • Highlight any specific instances where a candidate’s ambition, diligence, generosity, academic prowess, or involvement in the community can be seen.
  • Provide avenues for further questions.
  • Be straightforward
  • Maintain a professional tone
  • Be honest

Fraternity recommendation letter template

The following is a general template for a fraternity recommendation letter.

Street address
City, State zip code


Recipient Name
Fraternity address

Dear [Recipient Last name]

It is with great enthusiasm that I humbly submit this letter to recommend to you [Aplicant’s name] as he applies for membership in our fraternal house.

I’ve known [Applicant] for [#] years and we’ve also [describe what brought you together with the applicant, such as living in the same area, taking the same class, etc.]. I’ve been a member of [name of the fraternity] for [time], and I’m confident she’ll/he’ll be a valuable addition to our fraternity.

[applicant’s name] possesses qualifications and attributes that I believe will make him an excellent member of our team. This encompasses, but is not limited to the following: [Describe the applicant’s distinct characteristics and accomplishments that qualify him for membership, and highlight any specific instances where a candidate’s ambition, diligence, charity, academic prowess, or community involvement can be shown.]

  1. eg. [applicant] is social, outgoing, and enjoyable to be around, and she/he clearly understands how to strike a balance between having fun and working on his/her career.
  2. Although she spends a lot of time in the library studying to gain a thorough understanding of human behavior, she also spends time volunteering at the Outreach Children’s Home to assist the children in finding loving adoptive parents.
  3. [applicant] is a remarkable young man of impeccable integrity
  4. etc.

I wholeheartedly recommend him/her for admission into our fraternity.

If you require further details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email] or [phone].




Fraternity recommendation letter sample

The following is a sample of a fraternity recommendation letter

Marry McMillan
534 Hub Street
Glasgow, CA 95867

November 01, 20…

Isack Green,
Omega Fraternity House
1563 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, CA 90143

Dear Mr. Green

It is with great enthusiasm that I humbly submit this letter to recommend to you James McCain as he applies for membership in our fraternal house.

I’ve known James McCain for three years, and we took the same class at ABC University’s Psychology of Human Behavior program. McCain will be an asset to our Omega Fraternity House, of which I have been a member for three years.

James McCain offers skills and qualities that, in my opinion, will make him a valuable part of our team. This includes the following, but is not limited to:

  • James McCain is cheerful, outgoing, and fun to be around. He also clearly knows how to balance having a good time with advancing his profession.
  • He devotes a lot of time to researching in the library to develop a deep grasp of human nature, but he also volunteers at the Outreach Children’s Home to help the kids find loving adoptive parents.
  • James McCain is a terrific young guy with unwavering moral character.

I strongly recommend him for membership in our fraternity.

If you require any additional information, please contact me at the aforementioned phone number or email address.



Marry McMillan

Fraternity recommendation letter pdf

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