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What Does Sheria na Jamii Mean?

Sheria na jamii is the combination of two  Swahili words that are ‘sheria’ and ‘jamii’ while ‘na’  is a conjunction.  In  English Sheria Means Law and Jamii Means Society. Sheria na jamii can be plainly translated to the English language as ‘Law and Society’.
By joining these two words sheria’ and ‘jamii’ we recognize the relationship between law and society. They are a reflection of each other. And in that relationship, we see the essence of our site.
In most cases, the law has been regarded as a complex subject and left only to lawyers while the truth is law is a set of rules and regulations set to govern the external conduct of individuals, thus the law is for everybody. 
Sheria na jamii was created to enhance the relationship between Law and Society.

Who We Serve

Generally, Sheria na Jamii serves you. Yes, you!
You’re a good fit for our site if you’re curious about the law. if you’re a law student, a law teacher, a practicing advocate, a lawyer in the public service, or just a member of a society who wishes to understand essential legal issues.
If you aspire to know the law, you want to observe it around your life, instead of living your life without understanding the basics of the law, we can help you archive that

What We Do

We non-commercial site provides essential law materials that equip you with relevant general and specific knowledge of the law to apply in your life for non-commercial use.
We offer in-depth law articles, analysis of legal issues in everyday life, significant case laws, and important legal documents to meet your legal needs.
But here’s where we differ from most other law sites: We’re lawyers by profession and blogger by passion. Here, you won’t be given law materials and left to understand it out on your own.  
Our team will break the legal language into plain English for you will review your concerns and answer your questions for as long as you’re active for our site.
So whether you’re an experienced lawyer or just a layman, we can guide you to understand the law. 
Our Core Values:  Experience|knowledge|Quality
‘Let Our Experience be Your Guide’