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Retirement letter to employer 2024 (guide + free samples)

This post covers the Retirement letter to employer.

Here you will learn

  • What is a retirement letter to employer
  • What Should not miss in a retirement letter to employer?
  • How to write a retirement letter to an employer
  • Sample retirement letter to employer
    • Simple retirement letter to employer
    • Retirement letter format
    • retirement letter to employer example
  • etc.

Let’s dive right in;


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What is a retirement letter to the employer

A retirement letter to employer refers to a brief statement of facts written by the employee to the employer for the purpose of notifying the employer, of the employee’s intentions to retire.

A retirement letter is always given within 6 to 12 months before the official day of retirement so as to enable the employer and the employee to do all necessary preparations for a smooth transition.

A retirement letter is just a formal resignation letter that you send to your employer to inform him of your desire to quit.

Unlike other sorts of resignation letters, you’re not alerting the employer that you’ll be leaving to work for someone else; instead, you’re informing him that you will not be employed anymore, It is enough! You are retiring.

A retirement letter is also an employee’s last opportunity to express his/her gratitude to the employer for everything that happened while working.

You can send your retirement letter to your boss with a copy to HR.

You’ll want to keep your HR department informed so that you don’t run into any issues with health insurance, pensions, 40l(k) plans, and all of the other benefits and programs you’ll need to start planning for retirement.

What Should not miss in a retirement letter to the employer?

The intended last date of work (date of the retirement) must not miss in any letter of retirement to the employer, otherwise, the letter should be formatted in the same way as any other formal letter, with the addition of some retirement-specific information and a statement of your retirement plans.

How to write a retirement letter to an employer

A retirement letter is typically written in a business letter format.

The following is how you can write an effective retirement letter.

  • Provide your name, address, contact information, and job title.
  • Include the date of the letter
  • Include the employer’s address
  • Clearly express your desire to retire
  • Show the exact date you expect to be your last day of work.
  • Describe your motivations for retiring, your appreciation for the organization, your expectations, your finest experience or accomplishment, etc.
  • Provide the details of how you will be reachable when you are away
  • Attach documents, records, or other documentation for easy reference.
  • Be straightforward
  • Maintain a professional tone
  • Be honest

Your address

This is the first thing on your retirement letter to your employer. your address must show your name, your address, and your contact information

for example

Carl Newton
2000 Sideway St.
New Danville, CA 90211
(111) 222-3333


In your retirement letter to your employer, you must provide a date.

Under your address, write a date.

for example

November 01, 2025

Employer address

Write the employer’s address after the date.

The employer’s address must include the addressed person’s name and position, as well as the physical and mailing addresses.

for example

Eric Godson, 
Managing Director,
2000 Sideway St.
New Danville, CA 90211


Salutation is a formal way of showing respect for your boss.

The salutation can be placed before or after the subject of the letter.

Instead of the traditional Dear/sir/madam, you can use the person’s name or position as a salutation. For instance, Dear Manager, Dear Michael, and so on.

Learn more bout modern salutation here

for example

Dear manager


Dear Godson


Put the subject of your letter underneath the salutation.

The letter’s subject should be bolded, italicized, or underlined, and it must be well-framed to reflect its intent.

for example

Re: Notice of retirement


Re: Notice to retire


Re: My official Notice to retire

First paragraph/Introduction

The opening paragraph of your retirement letter must instantly express your desire to retire and show the exact date you expect to be your last day of work.

for example

This letter serves as official notice to you and the whole company that I will be leaving ABC LLC on January 11th. I intend to retire from that date.

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs of your retirement letter are the ground to explain all facts and circumstances as far as your retirement is concerned.

Here you may explain why you wish to retire, express your gratitude to the company, show your expectation, share your greatest experience or achievement, etc.

for example

My experience with the company has given me a sense of responsibility and connection that no other organization has been able to provide. For the past two decades, I’ve directed the Marketing Division, and it’s given me a strong feeling of accountability. I’ve been fortunate to have your support, and I’ll be always grateful for the chance you provided me.

This was not an easy decision to make. My wife and I have discovered a little property in California where we will be able to spend the rest of our days together, so I’ve formally decided to retire. It hurts me to think that I won’t be able to contribute to the firm, but I believe it’s in my best interests to move on.

Closing Paragraphs

Nothing special goes to the conclusion of your retirement, just a sincere thank you is enough.

for example

I will always love ABC LLC. Thank you so much for the opportunity and best of luck in the years to come.



Carl Newton

Deliver your letter

The best way to deliver your letter of retirement is to personally hand it to your employer.

You should never think of writing an email or sending your retirement letter via mail, the hand-delivery letter is proven to be the best way to resign.

Retirement letter format

The following is the format for a retirement letter;

  • Your Address
  • Date
  • employers’ address
  • Subject line
  • Salutation
  • [opening paragraph]- A statement that you are writing to express your intentions to retire
  • [body paragraphs]- Describe your reasons for retiring, how much you value the company, what you expect, your best experience or achievement, etc.
  • [closing paragraphs] – show gratitude and where necessary give the specifics on how to contact you when retired
  • name and signature

Simple retirement letter

A simple retirement letter is an effective and quickest way to write the best retirement letter ever.

Yes, employers are busybodies, why should you bother to write a long boring letter?

The following is a sample of a simple letter of retirement that you can quickly send to your boss.

Simple retirement letter

Edger Davis
1000 Townway St.
New Hammer, CA 90200
(101) 221-3300

December 01, 2025

David Bryson,
Managing Director,
2000 Sideway St.
New Hammer, CA 90200

Dear Bryson;

Re: Notice of Retirement

This letter serves as official notice to you and the entire company that on July 11th, 2026, I will be exiting AAA LLC. From that date onward, I intend to retire.

My time with the company has given me a sense of commitment and devotion that I haven’t found in any other organization. I’ve been in charge of the Legal Department for the past 10 years, and it’s given me a great sense of responsibility. I’ve been blessed to have your assistance, and I’ll be eternally grateful for the opportunity you gave me.

This was a difficult choice to make. I’ve formally decided to retire because my family and I have acquired a modest house in Mexico where we will be able to spend the rest of our days together. It kills me to think I won’t be able to help the company, but I believe it’s in my best interests to move on.

AAA LLC will always be my favorite place. Thank you so much for the chance, and I wish you all the best in the years ahead.



Edger Davis

Sample retirement letter to employer

The following is a sample retirement letter to the employer

Edger Davis
1000 Townway St.
New Hammer, CA 90200
(101) 221-3300

December 01, 20…

David Bryson,
Chief Executive Officer,
XYZ Credits Inc
1000 Hope St.
New Hope, MA 10500

Dear Bryson;

Re: My official Notice to retire

Please accept this letter as notice of my retirement from XYZ Credits Inc. as a Senior Loan Officer.

I’ve loved every minute of my 25 years with the company, and I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure from accepting the challenges that have been thrown at me. I’ve learned a lot, made a lot of friends, and have a lot of memories that will last a lifetime.

I will continue to work for the company for the following six months, ending my job on May 27, 20.., as per the provisions of my employment contract. Please let me know if there are any specific areas you’d like me to concentrate on during my notice period.

I appreciate the chances you’ve provided me during my time here. While I am looking forward to my departure, I will miss working with you and hope that we can keep in touch.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors



Edger Davis

 Simple retirement letter to employer

The following is a simple retirement letter to the employer

May 6, 20..

Your Name
Street Address
City, State

Supervisor Name
Company Name
Company Street Address
Company City, State

Dear [last name of suprevisor]

This letter is to inform you that I want to retire on December 1st of this year. My 31 years with the company have been rewarding, and I value the opportunities to assist our clients.

I understand that training and preparing my replacement to take up my existing tasks will take some time. If you think it would be advantageous, I am willing to make myself accessible for the entire month of December.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow with such a fantastic team and company. 111-111-1111 is my phone number, and is my email address.



Your name

Example retirement letter to employer

The following is an example retirement letter to the employer.

Your name
Your title
Your mailing address

Your immediate supervisor’s name
Your immediate supervisor’s position
Name of the company
Company address



I’m writing to let you know that I’m planning to retire on January 1, 2026.

I am glad for the chance to work with you over the last 27 years. During this time, I’ve led successful charity events and collaborated with an exceptional team. It’s been so much fun to learn from and with my coworkers.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with this transition. It would be a pleasure for me to continue working as a consultant for [Name of the company] while spending time with my family.  You can always reach me through [moblie] or [email].



Your name

Wrapping up

Writing a Retirement letter to an employer is a great experience.

So the following is how you can write a perfect retirement letter to an employer

  1. Write a physical letter, don’t write an email.
  2. Write your letter within a reasonable time (6-12 months ).
  3. Be honesty
  4. Express your appreciation.
  5. Be grateful
  6. Describe all the achievements you made
  7. Explain your expectation
  8. Provide your contact information

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