Free engagement letter sample from attorney

Here you will see a sample engagement letter from an attorney for legal services.

An attorney engagement letter refers to the letter written by an attorney to the client stating the terms and conditions for carrying out the legal service.

In most cases, attorney engagement letter contains the scope of engagement, nature of the relationship, fees and expenses, payments, duration of engagement, and dispute settlements.

Any lawyer deciding against making an Attorney Engagement Letter should brace themselves for common issues like unrealistic requests and overdue invoices.-rocketlawyer

The following is the free sample engagement from the attorney.

engagement letter sample attorney

Henry Methew
Managing Partner
AAA Law Firm
222 West Street

​12 December 2021

James Phillip
18 East Street

Re: Engagement for legal services

Dear James

We are honored that you have chosen our firm to represent you.

The aim of this letter is to confirm in writing the nature of the engagement and the terms of our representation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this letter or its provisions. Otherwise, this letter and anything attached to it will form the terms and conditions of our engagement.

Scope of Engagement: You are engaging us to represent you in your personal injury claim regarding the slip and fall accident that occurred on 1 December 2021 at ABC oil mills.

Nature of Relationship:  The nature of our relationship is the ‘attorney-client relationship‘, which means we will, at any time, act in extreme care to serve your best interests.

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Fees and Expenses: Our fees will base on an hourly rate as follows;

      • John Michael: Attorney Rate: _______
      • Raphael Francic: Attorney Rate:______
      • Clara Joseph: legal assistance, Rate:______

Payments: All payments must be made to our law firm bank account No._________________ Bank name:________________ once you receive invoice from us.

General Waiver of Conflicts: Our law firm, as you may know, represents a variety of other businesses and individuals.

This confirms your agreement that we may continue to represent or undertake to represent existing or new clients in any matter that is not substantially related to our work for you in this matter or any other matter for which you may subsequently engage our firm, even if such clients’ interests in those other matters are directly or indirectly adverse to you.

We agree, however, that the preceding sentence does not apply if, as a result of our representation of you, we have obtained proprietary or other confidential information of a non-public nature that, if known to such other client, could be used by such other client to your material detriment in any other matter.

To maintain our ability to represent you, we have requested similar conditions in identical engagement letters with many of our previous clients.

No Continuing Updating Obligation: This matter will be considered closed once we have submitted our final bill to you.

Of course, after your personal injury claim has been settled to finality, we would be pleased to update and respond at any time thereafter to your queries regarding your case within the period of 2 years, after the expiry of that period we will not be bound to update you or respond to your queries regarding this matter.

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Return of Records:  Upon termination of this Letter, we will deliver to you all records, notes, and data relating to your case, of any nature that are in our possession or under our control and that are your property or relate to you.

Governing Law: This Letter is governed under the laws in the State of……………..

Dispute settlement: In case a dispute rises out of this letter we will first seek to solve the dispute through Negotiation.

When negotiation fails then we will resort to mediation whereby we will choose a neutral third party-mediator to solve the dispute.

When meditation fails, then any aggrieved person may submit his claim to a court of commitment jurisdiction.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to represent you on this case and look forward to working with you.


Attorney Sign:

Henry Methew
Managing Partner
AAA Law Firm

Client sign:

James Phillip

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