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Westgate timeshare cancellation letter 2024 (guide+sample)

Today I aim to empower and guide you through the intricacies of canceling your Westgate timeshare with confidence.

Timeshare commitments can be daunting, and if you’ve found yourself seeking an exit strategy, you’re not alone.

I have a comprehensive guide that teaches how you can cancel your timeshare effectively. You can read that guide here.

Here I will only provide a sample of the Westgate timeshare cancellation letter and provide answers to the FAQs to help you navigate the cancelation process smoothly.

Let’s get started

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Westgate timeshare cancellation letter

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

Westgate Resorts
Attn: Customer Service Department
2801 Old Winter Garden Road
Ocoee, FL 34761

Subject: Timeshare Cancellation Request

Dear Westgate Resorts Customer Service,

I am writing to formally request the cancellation of my timeshare agreement with Westgate Resorts. After careful consideration, I have decided that it is in my best interest to terminate my timeshare contract due to [briefly explain your reasons, such as financial constraints, change in vacation preferences, or any other relevant reason].

Here are the details of my timeshare:

  • Owner Name: [Your Full Name]
  • Contract Number: [Your Contract Number]
  • Property/Resort Name: [Name of the Resort]
  • Purchase Date: [Date of Purchase]

I kindly request that you initiate the cancellation process for my timeshare and provide me with the necessary documentation and instructions to complete this process successfully. I understand that there may be applicable fees or procedures, and I am willing to comply with all requirements to expedite the cancellation.

Please provide me with a confirmation letter once the cancellation is processed, detailing the termination of my timeshare contract. Additionally, I would appreciate information on any remaining obligations, outstanding fees, or further actions required on my part.

For your convenience, I have included my contact information above. I am open to discussing this matter further if needed. I am committed to completing this process in a timely and efficient manner and appreciate your prompt attention to this request.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving confirmation of the cancellation at your earliest convenience.


[Your Full Name]
[Your Signature – if sending a hard copy]

Westgate timeshare cancellation letter pdf

FAQs about the Westgate timeshare cancellation letter

Why would I want to cancel my Westgate timeshare?

There can be various reasons, including changes in financial circumstances, dissatisfaction with the property, difficulty scheduling vacations, or the desire to explore alternative vacation options.

How do I start the Westgate timeshare cancellation process?

To begin the cancellation process, you typically need to submit a written request, often in the form of a timeshare cancellation letter, to Westgate Resorts. You may also call them through tel: +18003510461 to explore other exit options.

What should I include in my Westgate timeshare cancellation letter?

Your cancellation letter should include your full name, contact information, details of your timeshare (contract number, property/resort name, purchase date), and a clear statement expressing your intent to cancel. Additionally, briefly outline your reasons for cancellation.

Are there specific fees associated with Westgate timeshare cancellation?

Westgate Resorts may have a cancellation fee or specific procedures outlined in your timeshare agreement. Review your contract carefully or contact Westgate’s customer service to understand any associated costs.

How can I ensure my Westgate timeshare cancellation letter is effective?

Make sure your letter is clear, concise, and includes all necessary details. Send it via certified mail with a return receipt to have a documented record of your communication. Follow up with Westgate Resorts if you do not receive a response within a reasonable timeframe.

Will I receive a confirmation of my Westgate timeshare cancellation?

Yes, upon successful processing of your cancellation request, Westgate Resorts should provide you with a confirmation letter. This letter will detail the termination of your timeshare contract and may include information on any remaining obligations or fees.

Can I cancel my Westgate timeshare at any time?

YES, but the ability to cancel your timeshare may depend on the terms outlined in your specific contract. Check your agreement for details on cancellation periods, fees, and any restrictions that may apply.

Is legal advice necessary for Westgate timeshare cancellation?

While not strictly necessary, consulting with a legal professional can guide navigating the cancellation process and understanding your rights and obligations outlined in the timeshare agreement.

What if I still have outstanding payments or fees after cancellation?

Westgate Resorts should provide information on any remaining financial obligations after cancellation. Review the confirmation letter and, if in doubt, contact their customer service for clarification.

How long does the Westgate timeshare cancellation process take?

It usually takes one to two weeks, I advise you to follow up with Westgate Resorts if you do not receive confirmation within a week, and they should be able to provide an estimated processing time.

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