Warning letter for misconduct 2024 (guide + free samples)

This post covers a warning letter for misconduct.

A warning letter is a formal and most effective way of dealing with unwanted behaviors at the workplace.

As a supervisor, you have to make sure everything is running smoothly and in the best interest of the organization.

You really need tools for that and among the best is a warning letter for misconduct

And I’m 100% sure you are here to learn and find a perfect warning letter for misconduct that you can send to that idiot in your office, Oh sorry! to your employee.

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Here I will take you through;

  • What is a warning letter for misconduct?
  • Why do you need a warning letter for misconduct?
  • How to write an effective warning letter for misconduct
  • Warning letter for misconduct samples
  • etc.

What is a warning letter for misconduct?

A warning letter for misconduct is a brief statement of facts written by a supervisor to warn an employee concerning his misconduct at the workplace and demand he rectifies his mistakes.

A Warning letter for misconduct is always employed after verbal warnings, meetings, and other means of redress.

Why do you need a warning letter for misconduct?

The following are the reasons why you need to write a warning letter for misconduct to your employee;

  • It is a systematic procedure of confirming and dealing with an employee’s misconduct.
  • It gives the impression that things are more serious.
  • It provides an opportunity for an employee to improve before facing additional disciplinary action.
  • It serves as evidence in the event of any future issues.
  • etc.

How to write an effective warning letter for misconduct

A warning letter for poor performance is written in a business letter format. Begin your letter with your address and contact information, followed by a date and the employee’s address, and state that you are writing to warn him about his misconduct (mention/explain the act), provide the reasons for the warning, and include any further steps to be taken.

Finish your letter with SINCERELY followed by your name and signature.

Therefore to write an effective warning letter for misconduct to the employee do the following;

  • Provide your name, address, and contact information
  • Include the date of the letter
  • Include the employee’s, address, and contact information
  • Include the employee’s name, title, and department
  • Open your letter by stating clearly that you are writing to warn about misconduct
  • Explain the parameters of the warning
  • Make reference to any relevant documents signed by the employee (employment contract, performance policies, etc)
  • Indicate your intention to take further actions in case of no improvement
  • Attach any necessary documentation (previous warning letters (in case of subsequent warning), minutes, Corrective Action Plan, etc.)
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Maintain a professional tone
  • Be honest

Warning letter for misconduct sample

Here is a sample of a 1st warning letter for misconduct (strongly worded)

Organization Name
City, State, Zip Code




[Employee’s Name]
[Employee’s Street Address]
[Employee’s City, State, and Zip Code]

Dear [Employee’s last name]

This letter is a formal warning regarding your improper conduct during an employee meeting at our office on [date] when you yelled and insulted the chairman, who is also a director of our company.

That behavior is wholly inappropriate, and in accordance with our previous discussion, we cannot condone it since it violates our employee code of conduct. You are thus warned that engaging in such behavior will result in further disciplinary action.

Please be aware that our staff has placed you under strict supervision to ensure that you always follow our code of conduct.

Be informed, warned, and cautioned accordingly.




Second warning letter for misconduct

Dear Mr. Kimberly

We are disappointed to find that, despite getting a previous warning letter on [date], you still have not changed your behavior.  This demonstrates how stubborn and determined you are to ruin our organization. Be aware that we are also very serious to protect it.

Your employment will be terminated if you don’t make any improvement during this second chance to improve your general conduct.




Final warning letter for misconduct

Dear Ms. Ben

This letter is being sent to you as a final warning for your misconduct.

Even after multiple discussions and warning letters, we have not noticed any change in your behavior.

This is your last and final warning; if we don’t see a change in your behavior during the next 30 days, you’ll be fired immediately without further notice.

Be informed, warned, and cautioned accordingly.




Warning letter for misconduct pdf

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