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Types of criminal lawyers 2024 (Majors & Minors)

This post covers types of criminal lawyers.

It explains everything you need to know about two major types of criminal lawyers and highlights other types of lawyers based on the area of practice or nature of crimes.

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Types of criminal lawyers

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Generally, there are two main types of criminal lawyers: prosecuting attorneys (also referred to as district attorneys) who work for the state, and defense lawyers who work for defendants. However according to what they do, criminal lawyers may be categorized into DUI criminal lawyers, Domestic violence criminal lawyers, theft criminal lawyers, Property crimes criminal lawyers, Juvenile crimes criminal lawyers, Federal offenses criminal lawyers, etc,

Prosecuting criminal lawyers

Prosecuting criminal attorneys are the cornerstones of the criminal justice system.

They seek convictions for crimes committed in their jurisdictions and fight to ensure that victims and society are provided with justice.

Attorneys who prosecute criminal cases have three basic responsibilities.

  1. They gather evidence, question witnesses, or direct law enforcement authorities to investigate alleged crimes.
  2. They use an adversarial process to prosecute criminal defendants in court by presenting evidence of guilt to trial juries or judges.
  3. they supervise convicted defendants’ punishment or rehabilitation by recommending sentences within federal or state guidelines or negotiating plea agreements between defendants and the courts.

The other duties of Prosecuting criminal lawyers include

  • Investigating criminal concerns and determining whether or not to file criminal charges
    • They examine police records, question witnesses, and obtain evidence such as fingerprints or DNA samples that could lead to a criminal’s conviction.
    • They also take part in raids, arrests, and other law enforcement activities.
  • Recommending typical charges for convicted criminals under state or federal law.
    • For individuals who plead guilty before trial, federal prosecutors will suggest sentences that are within federal standards; if they go to trial and lose, judges will often accept these recommendations when imposing punishments on defendants.
    • For guilty offenders, state prosecutors can propose prison or jail time; however, many state courts do not follow the same sentencing standards as federal courts and instead look to previous cases in their own jurisdiction.
    • Instead of doing time in prison, prosecutors may be allowed to suggest that defendants be sent to drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.
    • If a criminal cooperates with authorities and pleads guilty, a prosecutor will usually agree not to oppose parole.
  • They do Plea bargaining with the defense attorneys
    • Most of the time, prosecutors and defense attorneys work out plea deals that save both parties time and money. Serious criminals frequently enter plea bargains in exchange for leniencies such as lower charges or reduced sentences. They can also occur when defendants concede guilt without formally pleading guilty, or when defendants plead guilty but deny culpability.
  • They are in charge of enforcing laws that protect the public.
    • Through the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation, they aim to ensure that all residents have equal access to education, housing, and employment opportunities.

Defense criminal lawyers

A defense attorney is a lawyer who represents someone who has been accused of committing a crime.

Their job is to show that the court’s evidence is insufficient to prove their client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

They are the defendants in a state adversary case, and they will do everything they can to ensure their client’s freedom and prove their innocence.

Criminal defense attorneys may also work with prosecutors to mitigate charges for their clients, arrange bail for the defendant’s release from custody pending trial, recommend appropriate sentences when a plea agreement is reached, provide legal advice to defendants, and represent them at their trials.

Criminal defense attorneys must have a thorough understanding of criminal law, legal procedures, trial practice, constitutional rights, and evidence requirements.

DUI criminal lawyers

DUI defense attorneys specialize in defending drivers accused of operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, including prescription medications.

DUI lawyers are primarily responsible for assisting DUI drivers in having their cases dismissed, charges reduced, or regaining driving privileges with restrictions.

Domestic violence criminal lawyers

Domestic violence defense attorneys specialize in defending individuals accused of domestic violence.

Domestic violence criminal lawyers primarily seek out and use any opportunity to depict their clients as criminals deserving of less punishment.

Theft criminal lawyers

Theft criminal lawyers specialize in defending individuals accused of theft and related offenses.

They prepare to overcome both basic and difficult theft charges, as well as utilize significant resources that can lead to a successful end by employing applicable criminal law defenses such as a claim of right, alibi, entrapment, etc.

Juvenile crimes criminal lawyers

Juvenile crimes criminal lawyers specialize in defending children who are accused or convicted of any criminal offense.

They are dealing with representing the child in trial and appealing for an expungement or sealing their criminal record in case the child is convicted.

Federal offenses criminal lawyers

Federal offenses criminal lawyers specialize in defending people facing federal criminal charges like Internet crimes, Forging documents, Murder, Terrorism, rape, etc.

They are dealing with providing legal support from the investigation stage to the appeal stage.

They aggressively defend their clients and use any opportunity to set them free.

Drugs crimes criminal lawyers

Drug crimes criminal lawyers specialize in dealing with someone who has been arrested or under investigation for drug-related offenses.

They prepare a powerful and successful defense against the prosecution by anticipating how the prosecution will approach your case.

Child abuse criminal lawyers

Child abuse criminal lawyers specialize in defending people facing child abuse accusations.

They are well aware of your feelings of dread, tension, and guilt as a result of your accusation. Not only is your freedom at stake, but your family, reputation, and well-being may also be jeopardized.

Child abuse criminal lawyers work tirelessly to help you win your case.

White Collar Crimes criminal lawyers

White Collar Crimes lawyers specialize in defending people accused of non-violent offenses which use deceit, fraud, or any other type of illegal activity for personal financial gain for example Tax evasion, Bank fraud, insurance fraud, embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, Counterfeit, etc.

They are dedicated to ensuring that their clients are properly and aggressively represented.

They ensure that your rights are safeguarded from the moment you are detained until the case is concluded.

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