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Letter of complaint examples 2024 (Strongly worded)

This post provides examples of strongly worded letters of complaint that can help you describe the problem and how you want the service provider to effectively resolve it.

I know, it’s hard to write an effective letter of complaint, especially if you’ve never done it before plus if you are upset.

There is no time for blah! blah! here.

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Now! I will go straight to give you examples of strongly worded letters of complaint.

All sorts of letters of complaint are covered.

Let’s get started


Letter of complaint about a defective product

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Street Address]
[Recipient’s City, State, and Zip Code]

Re: Letter of complaint about a defective product

Dear [recipient last name]/ [recipient title]

On January 25, 20… I purchased a washing machine model WTW000YY for $653  from your Downtown store. For your ease of reference, I have enclosed copies of my receipt and warranty.

I’ve had no issues with the machine in two days.  On January 28, the machine stopped spinning.  I checked the user manual and tried every step in the troubleshooting guide including readjusting the load, but nothing worked.

I decided to inspect the machine and I discovered a silly fault in the Motor brushes and the whole machine appears to be of unsatisfactory quality.

Further, I returned to your store with the product and receipt on On January 29 and spoke with Bob Brown who was unable to satisfactorily resolve the situation and vehemently refused to either replace the machine or refund my money.

To resolve the issue, I want that you replace the product with an acceptable, high-quality replacement, repair the item at no cost to you, or refund the full purchase price of the product.

Please keep in mind that I will wait 7 days before contacting a consumer protection agency or seeking other assistance.

You can reach me at [email] or [phone] at any time.


[Your Signature]
[Your name]

Letter of complaint about food

Re: Letter of complaint about food

Dear [recipient last name]/ [recipient title]

I am writing this letter to complain about the food that was served to me in your Hotel on December, 25 20… I am very angry to inform you that your food was unsatisfactory at levels that no one can sustain, including you.

The food seemed to be rotten as it smelled like shi*, plus the added salt made taste food tastes miserable.

I’m not sure if you get complaint letters from your customers, but it’s certainly not normal for me to eat low-quality food, especially when it costs me a lot of money.

This incident must be investigated, and all necessary precautions must be taken to ensure your customer’s safety and satisfaction.

Normally, I would take this to the Consumer Rights Department, but I strongly believe that your Hotel does not intend to conduct business with its esteemed customers in this manner so I’m sure you will immediately rectify the situation.

If you need to clarify anything, please contact me at [email] or [phone].

Your esteemed customer



Letter of complaint about damaged goods

Re: Letter of complaint about damaged goods

I’m writing this letter to complain about the damaged lawn mower I ordered from your online store on 31 July 20… I have attached the order details for ease of reference.

Unfortunately, after the products were delivered and when I opened the delivery package for checking the products inside, I found that all of them were in a broken state. I am very flabbergasted.

Perhaps the mower was damaged as a result of improper and careless handling prior to packing or during transportation.

I request that the mower be replaced as soon as possible. I eagerly await your prompt response and action on this matter.

Please be aware that if I do not hear from you within the next 7 days regarding the replacement of the mower, You will force me to file a complaint against your company in an appropriate consumer and legal forum.

You may reach me through [email] or [phone] for further discussions regarding this matter.




Letter of complaint about school facilities

Re: Letter of complaint about school sewage facilities

My name is John Smith the father of Henty John, a grade-A student at your school and I’m writing this letter to complain about your school’s sewage system.

I visited your school on January 30, 20… during the graduation ceremony of my son. I was very disappointed with your sewage system.

To clearly spot the issues, I have seen your sewage systems leak unreasonably and nobody at your school seems to care about it.

The dirty streaming water stunk irritatingly, things which spoiled the atmosphere, the enjoyment of the ceremony, and almost everything. Until now, to be honest,  I mostly remember the smell of your sewage than my son’s celebration.

Generally, the health and prosperity of our children at your school are at huge risk.

The level of carelessness concerning your sewage facility is totally unbearable and I want you to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will have to report the matter to the state health and environment department for further assistance.




Letter of complaint about poor customer service

Re: Letter of complaint about poor customer service

I’m writing this letter to complain about the poor customer service that I received from your bank.

I have been a loyal customer of your Bank for the past 5 years, and I have always enjoyed the best customer-bank relationship with you.

But to my surprise, on January 20, 20.., I experienced the poorest customer service ever from one of your customer service personnel wearing the name tag of Jane Kennedy when I went to collect my checkbooks.

Jane was sweetly speaking on her phone. When I asked her about the books, she said she’d do it in 5 minutes and returned to her phone call. After about ten minutes, I reminded her of her promise, and she spoke to me very rudely, telling me that if I’m not ready to wait, I could simply leave and return later.

I was very irritated by that behavior and I think it is a good idea to report it to you. I hope you will look into the matter and ensure that such an incident does not happen again. Your bank has a reputation for providing excellent service, and such incidents tarnish the bank’s reputation, so please resolve this matter as soon as possible.




Letter of complaint about littering

 Re: Letter of complaint about littering 

I’m writing this letter to complain about littering activities that seem to astonishingly increase in our streets.

Though I’m no expert, it is common sense that trash should be disposed of in a bin, not on the floor. The problem with this plan is that I’ve discovered that there aren’t many bins in my neighborhood.

I love my neighborhood as much as the next person, so I propose that something be done to address this issue. Because dog excrement, in addition to litter, pollutes the streets with its unsightly appearance…and odor.

It’s not pleasant to walk through dog poop, and it’s not pleasant to see the beauty of nature ruined by the waste of all kinds.

Living on an estate for the majority of my life, I’ve seen some strange things left on the grass where children are supposed to play! Old leather chairs, glass bottles, wood pieces, and even clothing have been left to rot. More bins are required, including those for garbage, and dog excrement, and even a location where people can recycle items.

And, yes, I am aware that some people are too lazy to put their trash in bins, even if one is right next to them. So it’s past time to crack down on littering. We need more people to patrol areas and fine these slackers. This, along with the additional bins, should solve the problem.

I’m well aware that this will require money that we may or may not have, but surely it’s worth it to save our planet.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,



Sample of complaint letter against a person with unprofessional behavior

Re: Complaint letter about John Harris, your employee’s unprofessional behavior

My name is Isack Newton, your esteemed customer, I’m writing this letter to complain about John Harris, your salesman for his unprofessional and dishonest conduct that h showed me when I visited your store on [day] at [time].

I asked him for a little assistance with your product or service, and he responded crudely and with some obscene remarks. He or she doesn’t care about your customers in any way.

My friends and I were completely unsatisfied with this situation, and we don’t want to go back to your store unless you take the necessary steps.

I appreciate your consideration and effort in resolving this situation.

Best regards


Isack Newton

Isack Kimaro
Isack Kimaro

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