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Pardon letter for immigration 2024 (guide & free samples)

This post covers a pardon letter for immigration.

If your criminal records restrict you from remaining in the United States, you should consider writing a pardon letter.

A pardon letter for immigration is written by immigrants, who would like to stay in the U.S. despite their criminal records.

Here I will guide you on different aspects of a pardon letter for immigration, precisely, I will cover

  • What is a pardon letter for immigration
  • How to write a pardon letter for immigration
  • Pardon letter for immigration sample
  • etc

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Let’s get Started

What is a pardon letter for immigration?

A pardon letter for immigration is a brief statement of facts written by a criminal immigrant or his attorney, in the process of his pardon application, to highlight his positive personal behaviors and rehabilitation to obtain a pardon and remain in the United States despite his criminal records.

The major goal of an immigration pardon letter is to give the immigrant’s background and explain how he or she has been rehabilitated.

It should also clarify the usefulness of immigrants to the U.S. community and the risks their families (if they are U.S. citizens) will face when he will be removed from the U.S.

But that is not the end of our story.

A pardon letter for immigration is just a single component of a pardon application. It must be accompanied and supported by other documentation to be more effective.

The core documents to support a pardon letter for immigration include;

  • Cover Letter by Attorney (to explain why you need a pardon and why you deserve it)
  • Criminal History Documents
    • Certificates of Disposition for all past conviction(s)
  • Three or more letters of support from
    • Employers/Coworkers
    • Long-time Neighbors
    • Prison Officials/Supervisors
    • Prior Judge
    • Religious Leaders
    • Union Leaders
    • etc
    • NB: Letters from family and friends are permitted, although the pardon panel may think that they are more “biased.”
  • Any prizes or participation certificates in rehabilitation programs.
  • Birth certificates of children, spouses, or parents who are citizens of the United States
  • Children’s, spouse’s, or parents’ permanent resident cards
  • Marriage certificate
  • Degrees, honors, and awards from school
  • Volunteer work evidence
  • Evidence of your/dependent medical conditions (focus on diseases that are difficult to treat in the home country, necessitate specific medicine, or are otherwise extremely serious)
  • Evidence that you or your spouse is pregnant
  • Other documents may be attached depending on the circumstances of the case.

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How to write a pardon letter for immigration

A pardon letter for immigration is written in a business letter format, start with your address and contact information, then add a date and the recipient’s address, and write the heading to reflect that your request for a pardon (you should include your name in the heading), salute the addressee, and explain that why you’re writing to request a pardon, provide your background, how you have been rehabilitated, etc. At the bottom of the letter, write your name and signature.

More body paragraphs may be written to prove the important facts because immigration pardon letters are more emotional.

For example, you may include the paragraph;

  • to explain that you are suffering from a disease that is untreated in your home county, you will need to attach evidence to prove this fact
  • to explain  how the U.S community is benefited from your presence
  • demonstrating the hardship your family will suffer when you will be not around.

If you have retained the services of an immigration attorney, he will draft this letter on your behalf.

To be more helpful, I think I should provide you with the general format/template of a pardon letter for immigration regardless of who is writing it.

A pardon letter for immigration format

  • Author Address
  • Date
  • Recipient address
  • Subject line
  • Salutation
  • [opening paragraph]-Explain the purpose of your letter
  • [body paragraphs]- Explain why and how you deserve the pardon- rehabilitation, diseases, community work, etc.
  • [closing paragraphs] -emphasize why you deserve the pardon, show that you have attached documentation and support letters
  • name and signature

The sample below will help you understand how to do it better.

Because each state has its own set of pardon criteria, I recommend you should look for further information on how to write your pardon letter. The application process for a pardon may be accessible through the board of pardons and paroles in your state.

Pardon letter for immigration sample

Pardon letter for immigration sample

Arnold Smith
100 Main Street
A county, CA 12311

December 3o, 2030

The executive clemency Unit
ABC State, Divison of parole
11 Parole Drive
A county, CA 12300

Re: Arnold Smith’s request for Pardon

Dear Governor [last name of the Governor]

I humbly submit my request for a pardon for an ABC State drug possession crime for which I was accused, pleaded guilty, convicted, and received a probation sentence in 2020. I currently seek to become a U.S citizen but this single conviction criminal record which is ten years old made my naturalization application be denied and resulted in removal procedures.

Since My conviction, I sought and earned forgiveness from my  U.S citizen wife. During my probation, I have worked two jobs to support my family since I’m the only bread earner. My wife was an ABC State Board of education employer but she resigned last year so she can get a full time to take care of our son (12) who is suffering from Sickle cell disease.

I’ve had no problems with immigration authorities in the last ten years. My green card was successfully renewed in 2025, and I was able to move freely in and out of the country. Only because I was applying to become a US citizen did the Department of Homeland Security track down my conviction, USCIS deny my application, and I was placed under removal proceedings. My neutralization case is currently on appeal in the Federal court in the Southern District of ABC state.

Due to my legal proceedings and possible deportation, my wife is currently under a lot of stress and has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If I am deported, my U.S. citizen family will lose a major source of assistance in their house, as I’m the sole caregiver for two ailing individuals.

Once granted, the pardon will assist me in obtaining discretionary relief from deportation, allowing me to remain in the United States with my family and pursue my dream of becoming a US citizen.

Please find the attached documentation, evidence, and support letters from my wife and employer.


Arnold Smith

Isack Kimaro
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