Free Letter of guardianship sample (4 samples)

Today I’m going to share a Letter of guardianship sample.

This sample will enable you to understand how to craft your letter of guardianship effectively.

A Letter of guardianship is a brief statement of facts written by a parent for the purpose of temporarily transferring or conferring his/her guardianship rights towards his/her children to another adult (a guardian) who is able to look after them in his/her absence.

You can use this sample whenever you want to write a letter of guardianship for your child in the following circumstances;

  • If you plan to let your children travel with other people
  • when you have a work trip
  • When you are going through divorce proceedings
  • When you are in medical treatment
  • When you are going to jail
  • When you want to ensure your children are looked after in case of your death
  • etc.

The best part?

  • I will share with you 5 free sample letters of guardianship with different styles based on different circumstances.
  • The letters are simple, clear, and straightforward yet professional.
  • You can easily modify any sample within a few seconds and use it.

If the letter of guardianship is a complex concept for you, I have written a full guide that explains everything you need to know about the letter of guardianship- meaning, types, rationale, contents, how to write it, best legal alternatives letter of guardianship, etc. if you are interested you may read that guide here

let’s get started

Notarized letter of guardianship

Isack Smith
101 Downtown Street
Frisco, TX 75035

01, January 2030

ABC College
International Student Office
28000 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Re: ​Guardianship of [name of the student]

I, Isack Smith of the above-mentioned address, will be the legal guardian of [name of the student] throughout his or her time at ABC College.

This student will live with me and be in my care until he or she reaches the legal age of adulthood in the United States, which is 18 years old.

For this student, I will assume complete legal responsibility. I also give the ABC College Health Center permission to undertake the obligatory tuberculosis exam and, if necessary, an x-ray exam.



Isack Smith

On [Date], Isack Smith, appeared before me, [Notaries Name], Notary Public, personally appeared before me and proved to me based on satisfactory evidence to the person(s) whose name(s) is subscribed to be within this instrument and acknowledge to me that he executed this document in his authorized capacities and by his signatures on this instrument the person(s), executed this instrument.

I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of in the state of [Name of State] that the foregoing paragraphs are true and correct.

[Notary Seal]


[Print Name]

Sample Temporary Guardianship Letter for Vacation

Isack & Hellen Smith
101 Downtown Street
Frisco, TX 75035

01, January 2030

To Whom it may concern

Re: Temporary Guardianship of My minor children, [Name all children] for vacation

This is to certify that Joan Smith is our legitimate daughter, and we, Isack and Hellen Smith are her legal parents. Her passport number is [ Number ] and it expires on [ Date ] Her date of birth is [ Date ].

Our daughter is going to New York with Jane Jackson to see a Broadway show with her high school acting class.

We agree that our daughter may fly to New York on [ Date ] and come home on [ Date ]. If you have any queries about this consent, please contact us at:

  1. Isack Smith: +1 (198) 111-1111, ​
  2. Hellen Smith: +1 (198) 111-11112,

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.


Isack Smith                                          Hellen Smith
[​Signature​]                                            [​Signature​]

Temporary guardianship letter for grandparents

Isack & Hellen Smith
101 Downtown Street
Frisco, TX 75035

01, January 2030

John and Jane Smith
903 Dallas Drive
Rowlette, TX 75030

Re: ​ Temporary Guardianship of Thomas Smith, A minor

We grant temporary guardianship of our son, Thomas Smith, to his grandparents, John and Jane Smith, from January 5, 2030, to April 21, 2030, as we will be in Norway for a business trip. This letter will act as a legal and enforceable document, allowing them to seek medical treatment and make any decisions regarding our child’s needs during this time.

Dalen Hotel Hotellvegen 33, 3880 Dalen, Norway is the address of the hotel where we will be staying in Norway. +47 35 07 90 00 is the phone number there. Dalen is 8 hours ahead of Rowlette, Texas, so take that into account while calling.

Luis Kane, a physician at North Texas Medical Clinic, is Thomas’s doctor. +1 (987) 000-1111 is their phone number. Dr. Grant Thomas of Highland Oak Dental is Thomas’s dentist, and his phone number is +1 (135) 111-1111. (the copy of this letter is served to them)

During these times, we will be unable to give medical treatment or attend to our child’s requirements. We provide temporary guardianship to John and Jane Smith in good faith so that they can make decisions about our child’s care.


Isack Smith                                          Hellen Smith
[​Signature​]                                            [​Signature​]

Guardianship letter in case of death

Isack Smith
101 Downtown Street
Frisco, TX 75035

01, January 2030

To: [My family, Guardians, Executor of my Will]

Re: Guardianship of My minor children, [Name all children]

I’m voluntarily writing this letter to name [Proposed Guardian] as a guardian (s) of my minor children, [Name all children] in case of my death. I also ask that my family members support this decision and offer assistance to my children as they adjust to living with [Name of Guardian] through what will be a difficult and emotional time for them.

I’ve given this decision a lot of thought and tried to evaluate all of the factors in order to make the greatest decision for my children. I am confident that [guardian’s name] will do the best for my children because

  • They’ve raised children similar to mine before.
  • They are familiar with my children
  • They have a stable home life
  • They have good values
  • [Make a list of the reasons why this person is an excellent choice.]

I spent a lot of time with [Name of guardian] talking about the role as a guardian of my children. They recognize the importance of the children continuing to participate in their existing interests and lives as much as possible, including sports, church, current schools, and other activities in which they are active.

[Name of Guardian] has also consented to see the kids will regularly visit their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other relatives.

Thank you for expressing your support for my decision to choose a guardian for my children. Please do everything you can to help [Name of children] by assisting [Name of Guardian] as their guardian.


Isack Smith

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