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Marrying a Lawyer 2024 (is it worthy?)

This post covers everything you need to know about marrying a lawyer.

In 2017 the statistician Nathan Yau analyzed data from the 5-year American Community Survey from 2015, to calculate the professions with the highest divorce rate and lowest divorce rates.

According to his report which was published here, the legal profession has a 35% divorce rate in the US.

The profession with the lowest divorce rate was Architecture and engineering 27.5% and the highest one was Office and administrative support 40.6%.

With all of the data and statistics available, the most intriguing question is whether or not marrying a lawyer is worthwhile.

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Here I will explain everything you need to know about marrying a lawyer based on my personal experience as a lawyer and the experience of my colleagues.

From the pros and cons of marrying a lawyer to how you can stay married to a lawyer.

let’s get started

Why you Should Marry a Lawyer

Lawyers are known for winning in court but losing in love. However, there are some compelling reasons why you should marry a lawyer.

Free legal support

When you marry a lawyer, one of the first benefits you may receive from your spouse is free legal assistance.

I’m confident your spouse will be the first person you consult if you have a legal issue.

Because we live in such a hectic and difficult world, sharing the same roof with a lawyer is an opportunity you should never miss.

Lawyers are fantastic advisors. They examine a problem, determine its cause, consider all possible solutions, and then offer their best advice. You may always turn to your spouse for advice if you’re having trouble making a decision.

You’ll always learn/hear new things

We lawyers never run out of things to talk about. We have many stories about courtrooms, real-life legal problems that we are dealing with in our daily activities, etc.

Marrying a lawyer is an interesting opportunity to always learn new things with vivid examples.


The best thing you can enjoy from marrying a lawyer is a reasoned decision.

Anything that you will ask him to do, he will do it only after careful consideration.

As a lawyer, We always make a living by reasoning.

A lawyer’s ability to make rational decisions will help you in avoiding life’s blunders.

They have money

funny lawyer quotes

Lawyers are among the top paid professions in the world.

According to the U.S Bureau of labor statistics, the mean annual wage estimate for Legal Occupations in 2021 is $ 113,100.

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Who does not need money? Marry a lawyer.


Law is among the most reputable professionals in the world.

A lawyer’s reputation, that is, the perception of excellence or prestige generally held of them, is based on their integrity and performance

Marrying a lawyer will automatically improve your reputation in society. (i am sure you will love to brag about it)

Confidence, Comfortable & secured

How does it feel to live with a problem-solver, decision-maker, advisor, smart, hardworking, and devoted person?

Exactly! you will feel confident, comfortable, and secure.


Respect comes from a combination of human nature and the high values of dignity and intrinsic value that we learned in our human rights lesson.

Apart from that respect is among the fundamental ethical behavior in the legal profession.

The lawyer’s respect does not end in the legal profession, it is 100% part of his all life including, marriage.


No lawyer would jeopardize his spouse’s liberty.

If he does, quote a famous philosopher to get him back on track, and he will most likely not fight back.

Each individual’s independence is respected.

We recognize that, even in a relationship with limitations and responsibilities, an individual is free to act on her own will as long as it does not conflict with marital obligations.

Challenges of marrying a lawyer

The following are the cons of marring a lawyer

Lawyers are sensitive to being found wrong

It is too hard for a lawyer to sincerely admit that he did wrong. We always take a position first and defend it to death.

If you express dissatisfaction with them about something, they instantly take steps to disprove your ‘claim.’ Because your claim of dissatisfaction makes them feel personally accountable, they go all out. You’ll feel more invalidated and worse in the process.


The biggest challenge that will suffer from marrying a lawyer is his ego.

The lawyer’s ego will always make him hide his feelings and attack any hole in the opposing argument. This will end up making you feel unimportant and disappointed.

It seems like there is nothing you can do/tell your spouse. You are nothing. He is everything.

Ego is an Enemy, Ryan Holiday was right.


Law is a stressful profession unless you are a very good stressed therapist career stell will always affect your mood.

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Bussy buddy

Lawyers always have something to do, a deadline to meet, a document to draft, a phone to call, an email to send, etc.

His schedule may have a negative impact on your time to enjoy together.

He will always require your help and understanding in order to generate outcomes and continue to help their clients effectively. Otherwise, you can end up being unattractive in a relationship.

How to stay married as a lawyer

Marrying a lawyer seemed like a nice decision at first, but as the years passed, you began to feel uninterested.

The following is how to stay married as a lawyer

Keep the lawyer mode away from your family

Knowing how to switch from a lawyer to a husband or wife is a lifesaving decision.

Don’t argue like you’re in a courtroom when there’s a misunderstanding. Remember that the purpose at home is typically to reach an agreement or figure out what’s truly troubling you, not to win the battle.”

If you just act like a member of the family when you’re at home, you’ll have an easier time.”

Avoid unnecessary arguments

Lawyers have a million ways to win arguments, but the most effective way to win arguments in marriage is to avoid them.

Avoiding unnecessary arguments will help you escape the ‘lawyer mode’  and makes you a more understanding person.

Make connection

The best relationships are created on the collective moments of small things that form a steady connection.

For example, you can bring home flowers instead of statues.

This connection will make your spouse feel more important and validated, he will always see you as a husband/wife, not as a lawyer.

Final remarks

Marrying a lawyer is a significant responsibility, don’t marry a person just because he is a lawyer, or don’t avoid being married by a person just because he is a lawyer, If you really wish to marry a lawyer you must look after the qualities in a person and his compatibility with you and not his career.

Ensure that the lawyer you intend to marry is pleasant, caring, and loving. Make sure he’ll back you up in your aspirations and you must also be willing to help him grow in his legal career.

I’m sorry for sounding like a relationship Couch, I’m a lawyer.

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