Free Demand Letter from Attorney Sample

A demand letter from an attorney is a great way to successfully request certain actions from a person before going to court.

According to Cornell law school, Legal Information Institute the purpose of a demand letter from an attorney is to begin legal negotiation between opposing parties that will result in dispute resolution rather than litigation and to influence the recipient’s understanding of the dispute’s risks and rewards in a way that favors the client’s interests.

Here I will share with you free samples of demand letters from an attorney

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Demand Letter from Attorney Sample

An attorney demand letter shows that you are serious about your claim and it also acts as a serious warning to the other party that if he fails to heed the demand letter from the attorney, strong legal action will be taken against him.

The following are the samples of a demand letter from Attorney

Demand Letter from Attorney Sample-defamation

Zen & Associates
Attorneys at Law
150 W 7th St.
New York, NY 1003

November 19, 2021

Mr. John Jackson
Boxer Publishing Ltd.
201 Ann St.
Newburgh, NY 12550


Our Law Firm has been instructed by our client, Mr. Calvin JonesMr. Calvin Jones, with whom you ought to be very well acquainted, to write this communiqué to you, for purposes of record and avoidance of doubt, and bring to your notice with the express intention to inform you and demand from you the following:

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That is, your Newspaper ‘The A OR B’ of Wednesday, 11th February in The Year of Our Lord two thousand and twenty-one, on the front page, of your other magazine named XYZ, and on their corresponding websites, you published a major headline with a running the title “Mr. Calvin Jones on Regional and International Armed Forces Wanted List.”

The articles contain defamatory information against our client, Mr. Calvin Jones; they portray our client Mr. Calvin Jones as a dangerous person who committed a crime against children, a criminal involved in kidnapping, and a fugitive.

You are aware, and or by reasonable due diligence, ought to know, or be in a position to be well informed that the information in the articles are false, untrue and have no iota of artificiality and above all has all the ingredients of defamation.

We would like to bring to your attention, notice, and information that our client, Mr. Calvin Jones is a good public servant and a well-respected member of society.

He has been an employee of the DEF CO. LTD the Year of Our Good Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy (1970), providing valuable services to this country, the regions at large, including but not limited to the international community.

Also, Mr. Calvin Jones has never committed a crime against children nor has he abducted anybody.

Mr. Calvin Jones is not on the run neither is any Local, Regional, or International Criminal Agency looking for him. Indeed, the article has inflicted serious social, psychological, and financial damages to Mr. Calvin Jones, his family, his relatives, and his friends, his agents, and potential business partners and has provoked havoc within the family, relatives, and the entire circle of friends and business partners.

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Given the above, Mr. Calvin Jones  hereby demands that:

  1. You unequivocally revoke, retract, rescind, withdraw or otherwise in any manner, remove the information in the contested articles on Mr. Calvin Jones in the above-mentioned articles by immediately, and without further delay, publishing any  article, with the same or more font size of the running title and text body as the  contested articles, by Inter Alia, categorically stating that the information provided in the   contested articles were false, fallacious, wrong, incorrect, and or otherwise  untrue and unverified;
  2. Providing new and accurate information that will be verified by Mr. Calvin Jones; Completely deleting the articles from subject The A OR B’ newspaper and the XYZ magazine, and corresponding websites and keep the new articles  active for at least one calendar year, that is twelve clear months;
  3. sincerely apologize for writing to Mr. Calvin Jones as a result of the libelous publications against him in the above-motioned articles.

Take note that should you fail, neglect, ignore, disregard, overlook, or otherwise refuse,  to heed to this demand notice and the contents herein within 21 (Twenty One) days from the date of service of this notice, rigorous legal proceedings shall be preferred against you at your peril and risk and related subsequent costs arising wherefrom, without further notice.


……………………………….. (Attorney)  Signature…………………………………..

NB: All correspondences should be directed to the above address.

Demand Letter from Attorney Sample-payments of dept

ABC Attorneys at Law
150 W 7th St.
New York, NY 1003

November 19, 2021

Mr. Michael Strain
Boxer Construction Ltd.
201 Ann St.
Newburgh, NY 12550

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Re: Demand Letter for payment of Dept

On behalf of our client Hopman Supplies Ltd, we at ABC Attorneys at Law are writing to inform you of an overdue payment owed to our client.

According to the construction materials invoice agreed upon by you and our client, you owe $10,400 for materials plus delivery.

This payment is currently 120 days overdue which, consequently, will result in interest charges applied to the delivery charge.

Hopman Supplies Ltd charges 2% interest per 30 days, which is a reasonable percentage for the inconvenience.

Therefore, you will be charged an additional $550.80 for the 120 days currently overdue, bringing the total amount owing to $10,950.80.

This letter serves as the final warning for overdue payment.

If payment is not made within 14 days, we will have no choice but to take immediate legal action. Please contact our firm at (212) 719-8589 if there are any questions regarding this demand.

……………………………….. (Attorney)  Signature…………………………………..

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