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Medical clearance letter 2024 (guide + free samples)

This post covers everything you need to know about the medical clearance letter.

Nobody can deny the significance of health in our lives.

Indeed, the beauty of our lives is determined by the beauty of our health.

What will you do if you don’t have good health?

Before hiring you, your company will need to verify your health status.

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In sports, you must get a health check before joining the team, and doctors must attest that you are healthy.

And that is where a medical clearance letter becomes necessary.

A medical clearance letter is an official documentation from a doctor or any medical specialty that certifies your medical condition (whether you are healthy to do something or not).

To understand it better; here I will guide you through;

  • What is a medical clearance letter?
  • How do you write an effective medical clearance letter?
  • A medical clearance letter template
  • A medical clearance letter samples
    • Medical clearance letter for surgery
  • etc.

Let’s get started


What is a medical clearance letter?

A medical clearance letter is a brief statement of facts written by a doctor or a medical specialist to confirm and certifies that a certain individual is or is not healthy regarding a specific activity.

A medical clearance letter must be prepared by the doctor or medical practitioner who conducted the examination.

This letter plays an important role in different scenarios.

For example, insurance companies, employers, schools, and athletes, require a medical clearance letter stating that the individual is in good health.

Also, People who have had surgery will also require a medical clearance letter to certify that they are ready to engage in strenuous physical exercise.

Furthermore, a patient may require a ‘go-ahead’ in the form of a medical clearance letter before undergoing surgery.

A medical clearance letter is alternatively known as a medical clearance certificate

How to write a medical clearance letter

A medical clearance letter is written in a business letter format. Begin your letter with your address and contact information, followed by a date and the recipient’s address, if unknown, write to ‘whom it may concern’ and state that you are writing to certify the health condition of a certain individual based on the medical checkups you have conducted.

Finish your letter with SINCERELY followed by your name and signature.

REMEMBER the aim of a medical clearance letter is to confirm and certify an individual’s health status

The following is how you can write an effective medical clearance letter

  • Provide your name, address, and contact information
  • Include the date of the letter
  • Include the recipient’s name, address, and contact information or write To whom it may concern.
  • Show that you are the one who examined the individual
  • Provide the outcomes of your examination
  • Clearly states whether or not a person is fit for the intended activity
  • Explain what you want the medical provider to do in response to your letter
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Maintain a professional tone
  • Be honest
  • Include your signature
  • Include your official seal
  • Provide an avenue for contact for further information

other useful tips

  • Whether you are a general physician, dentist, or ophthalmologist, you must ensure that the letter accurately reflects your credentials. Undoubtedly, a general practitioner cannot provide a dental clearance letter. Therefore, it is crucial to include your credentials and designation in any clearance letters you provide.
  • Although the patient is not a regular, all aspects of doctor-patient confidentiality apply. Make sure that the results and letters are kept private and not shared with anybody else. Keep SECRET.

Alternatively, you can prepare your medical clearance certificate as a form where you can include your institution logo, patient name, particulars of the medical examinations, your name, signature, and official seal.

Medical clearance letter template

Your Name
City, State, Zip Code




[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Street Address]
[Recipient’s City, State, and Zip Code]


To whom it may concern

This is to certify that [name of an examined individual] he/ she is mentally and physically fit to [purpose eg. work on organization, do vigorous activity, etc] according to the following medical checkups conducted on [date]

  • test 1 -result
  • test 2- result
  • test 3-result
  • etc.

For further queries regarding this letter, you can contact me through [email] or [phone].



Name [Seal]

Medical clearance letter sample

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that James Kelly is mentally and physically fit to fulfill all of his job responsibilities as a Focal lift operator according to the following medical checkups conducted on May 27, 20….

  1. Visual acuity
  2. Audiometry
  3. Chest X-ray
  4. Blood pressure and pulse check
  5. Physical examination

Enclosed with this letter are the results of the above medical examination.

For more information regarding this matter feel free to contact me through or 918-879-5677



Dr. Harris Nelson
Senior Medical doctor
ABC Hospital

Medical clearance letter pdf

Medical clearance letter for surgery

The following is the sample Medical clearance letter which is provided by a physician to certify that a patient is suitable to undergo a certain surgery.




I [name of the examiner] a/an [title] after examining the abovenamed patient and conducting all necessary physical and laboratory checkups do hereby certify that is medically fit to undergo [name of the surgery]

Dated this [date] day of [month]




Medical clearance letter for surgery
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