Free Sample Demand Letter for Personal Injury (slip and fall)

Here I will share with you a sample demand letter for a personal injury claim (slip and fall)

This slip and fall demand letter will give you an idea of how to arrange the facts to cover the relevant legal issue, to press your demand, and notify the other party of the future legal action you expect to take.

I have already covered the importance and how to prepare a demand letter. 

I have also shared the sample of a demand letter from an attorney.

Make sure you have ascertained the value of your personal injury claim in monetary form to make your demand clear and justifiable.

According to Injury Claim Coach, the value of your slip and fall injury is largely based on the total of your “hard costs” like medical bills and lost wages, with an amount added to account for your pain and suffering.

Louis W. Grande a personal injury attorney, is advising that

Immediately after a slip and fall, try to document everything…Take photographs of the scene, the area where you slipped, and what caused the injury…When you seek medical treatment, make it clear that your injuries resulted from the incident, and describe the incident in detail.

Sample Demand Letter for slip and fall


Ref. ……………….
Mr. XY
P.O Box ….


We act on behalf of Miss AB (Our client) has instructed us to demand from you as we hereby do and address you in the following terms:

  1. That our client on ……………….. the first Sunday of last month, she suffered a serious accident after she fell on the hard shop floor and broke her jaw, her left arm, her right leg, her face, and her left eye.
  2. That our client alleges that she fell on the hard shop and was injured because of the shop the floor was slippery because there was no sign in the shop that could warn her nature of the floor.
  3. That our client said her pretty face is gone, she will not be contesting in any pageants anymore and it is very doubtful that she will be able to continue with modeling which causes her future to be very bleak.;
  4. That our client, in fact, several big commercial brands have issued a notice of termination of their advertising contracts on the ground of ‘incapacity’ and ‘frustration’ of the contracts.
  5. That our client DEMANDS from you USD 12,000,000= as compensation for the injury suffered and for the loss of expected income.[particulars of Damages suffered is annexed and form part of this demand letter]
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Take note that should you fail, neglect, ignore, disregard, overlook or otherwise refuse,  to heed to this demand notice and the contents herein within 30 (thirty) days from the date of service of this notice, rigorous legal proceedings shall be preferred against you at your peril and risk and related subsequent costs arising wherefrom, without further notice.



CC.  Client.

NB: All correspondences should be directed to the above address.

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